Art by Shelah
Art by Shelah


Here you will find fantasy art and coloring books in the making. If you want to keep up to date on all the things...Check out my Blog link above or head on over to my About Me page for links to everywhere else you can find me on social media. 

My books are on and on 

  • Blooming Meditations
  • Weirdlings and Wildlings 
  • Weirdlings and Wildlings Vol. 2
  • Dragon Wings and Wild Things

My Newest Release!!!

 "Dragon Wings and Wild Things" features 32 dragon images in varying styles as well as some cute companions to go along.  You can find a few of those images on Etsy to see a taste of what is to come.  I never post all images on Etsy before the book is published!  If you are not into coloring books because you’d rather print your own, Etsy is just for you. You can pay direct checkout and also use Paypal if you prefer while getting near-immediate delivery of files. 

You can also now gain access to exclusive Content and perks via my Patreon site! 


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Art by Shelah


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