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My name is Shelah Dow. I’m an artist above all other interests.  I live and breathe creation in some form or other at all times.

I was born in Missouri in a somewhat small town. Most of my family still resides there, so I love to go home for visits. Nothing ever replaces home, even if I don’t miss the humidity and bugs.

I live in Colorado, able to view Pike’s Peak on a daily basis. Every drive about the city is beautiful due to the lack of tall buildings. This has to be one of the most beautiful places to live. The weather is always quick to change and rarely makes sense, the hiking is ever plentiful, and trees abound.

I studied Graphic Design at Colorado Technical University and shifted to Information Technology due to a love of creating art in a more free environment. I love solving problems and earned my Associate of Science in Information Technology. I’m working on my Bachelor of Science now as well, but that one will take time as college is expensive in the United States. 

I share my home with a wonderful man, Justin,  and two beautiful little furry girls. Sigrid and Zoey are the most adorable cats I think I’ve ever shared my home with. They are irreplaceable.  Usually when I’m drawing I have a Zoey perched on my shoulder in koala (or draping) pose. She’s my greatest (and worst) helper.

My favorite way to create art is with basic graphite and ink. I prefer black and white over color, though I am a watercolorist as well.  Most of the time, I draw faeries, dragons, elves, faerie cats, and the occasional mermaid. My favorite stuff to color are pattern art pieces. I also create wire wrapped jewelry.  Usually, I create art while I am working, using it as a relaxation technique to ease the stress of my day job.

Zoey, my little helper

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