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December & January  2/13/18  @ 9:23p MST

Shelah Dow Art - Per Creation on PatreonIn November, I pushed myself heavily to try to get things done. I worked on multiple deadlined projects as well as worked to churn out pages. As a result, I've been dealing with major burn out since.  I'm still creating pages, but it's a lot slower. 

I love line art. I'm going to keep making coloring books. However, I miss my color artwork as well. That said, I'll be working hard on this website to branch out. I'll be selling originals and setting up a shop for prints as well. I can't ignore all of my creativity to focus on only one piece. 

I still work outside the home full-time, or as close to it as possible. You'll be seeing the new artwork posted soon as well as a lot of older favorites. I have tons of work kept in portfolios. I'll be restructuring my Patreon to allow for the focus of all of my creative endeavors. I was very focused on perks, but I notice most artists focus on what Patreon is, a support system for artists so they can create.  

I created a second Patreon which you can check out. 

This one is entirely per creation so that it is great for months when I don't get as many coloring pages done. It's more for those who want the exclusive pages only and want to pay for them as a subscription basis. 

November Recap! 12/15/2017 @ 8:15p MST

September and October Recap!  11/4/2017 @ 1:14p MST

Due to having so many social media platforms, I forgot to post two updates...September and now October. I'm on time for October, actually. So for September!


October caught me up on my Zodiac images, but saw me fall behind on the $5 exclusives. I should be all caught up this month, however.  October 21st, I was rear-ended in my vehicle so that has caused some issues with pain.  I also worked hard to get another artist into the publishing world. I love helping other people and treating their artwork like my own babies.  I think everyone is going to love her book. 

November's plan:  2 exclusive images for the $5 level, Scorpio will make its way into the world.  Each level will get 1 or more designs released to them.  I'll also be publishing a new book that has all of these Mandalas and more.  


August Recap!  9/27/2017 @ 6:05p MST

Eeep. I totally forgot to recap! Patreon recipients did get some goodies from August. September is going a little slow due to health. 


Level $1 received Externalized 3 

Level $2 received Leo Zodiac (Only on Patreon) and Drenaye (a mandala) 

Level $4 received Queen of Hope

Level $5 received Jewelia (Only on Patreon) 

Level $15 received the entire packet of images below. 

All other levels have perks that deliver over time; such as books, merchandise, etc. I have now spent the better part of 3 months ill, so I did draw when I could, but a lot of what I produced this time were mandalas.  They allow me to draw one panel of the design and to let the miracle of modern technology help me fill out the other sides.  I do traditional mandalas (if you can call me that at all) as well by hand entirely. They do not perfectly match on all sides.

June perks were retired this month, with the exception of the exclusive images which do remain available.
I also am now stocking up Redbubble. If people want tees, I have access to Teespring as well and can load specific designs as needed. They often go for $14 there. You can watch Redbubble for sales as well. 


Twitch- 9/3/2017 @ 10:19p MST

I am going to start using my Twitch account off and on. Normally, it will not have speaking. I share my office with my honey and he usually is playing a game online with his buddies. Guys are creative with speech when they hang out together and game.  Instead, I listen to music that is relaxing to me. Twitch may block some of that. I will also go back in and take the videos into time-lapse format and post them on Youtube with proper music.

Patreon July recap - 8/13/2017 @ 3:47p MST

Level $1 received Broken Ballerina Doll. 

Level $2 received Cancer Zodiac (Only on Patreon)

Level $4 received Katniss & Scoops

Level $5 received Siren's Wish (Only on Patreon) & Atomic Headache

Level $15 received the entire packet of images below. 

All other levels have perks that deliver over time; such as books, merchandise, etc. I spent most of the month ill, so I would draw sometimes in the little bits and breaks I'd get from the illness.

So far, for August, i have mandalas and a few other drawings. I'm trying to work on Leo. Health is still kind of eh. May perks were retired this month, with the exception of the exclusive images which do remain available.


Patreon June recap - 7/2/2017 @ 11:19a MST

Level $1 received Dandelion Wishes. 

Level $2 received Gemini Zodiac (Only on Patreon)

Level $4 received May Furbaby

Level $5 received Queen of Spades (Only on Patreon)

Level $15 received the entire packet of images below. 


All other levels have perks that deliver over time, though I do owe my $10 and up an audio get together. I haven't had any time to just hang alone this month. I apologize. 


Patreon May recap - 6/6/2017 @ 10:00a MST

This was my very first month with Patreon. These perks were delivered prior to first payment processing. It was quite a fun month! Just to recap: 

Level $1 received To Mend a Broken Heart. (Not pictured below, Exclusive)

Level $5 received Josephine (Only on Patreon)

Level $15+ received the entire packet of images below. 


Color On! - 6/5/2017 @ 8:10p MST

If you haven't already heard, I'm the featured artist for June in Color On! Magazine.  The 'zine has 5 new and exclusive images available. 

You can get this on Etsy and check out their website:  Color On! Magazine


The cover was colored by Deirdre Gamill-Hock! It's gorgeous! 

This edition also has some great work from other awesome artists.

You can also see brand new, exclusive designs available on my Patreon page. This is the newest design available only to Patreon supporters (and that's at the $2 level!)

Your support helps immensely! It's usually going to go for art supplies, but this month it helped pay my unexpected vet bill for my Zoey baby.  Poor angel has asthma and it has been bad the last week or so. I don't know the full extent yet as I wait on tests, but just today was over $315 and we have more to go on this road. Artist has to art, but also needs her best friend. 

This cat is amazing and definitely my baby (at 9-years-old.) 

Patreon! - 5/15/2017 @ 1:23p MST

I've been fairly busy of late. I'm currently working on about 5 different book ideas and exclusive pages for this website and now for Patreon as well. Ever wondered what you could do to help support your favorite artists? Patreon is pretty awesome and it is becoming more and more of a thing in the coloring world and otherwise. 


You can get exclusive images and a lot of different perks depending on what level of support you wish to offer. Perks go toward paying for artist related stuff like website hosting, Adobe monthly subscription, printer, paper, ink, and of course also go into helping me provide the rewards for the different levels of support. The first exclusive image has already been posted!

New Project! - 5/1/2017 @ 2:01p MST

I'm now working on a new project that you will be able to find only on this website.  the project is going to consist of pages available to purchase throughout the year. The pages will not be in a book form of any kind until 2018 when I may release them as an anthology. Yes, I will still be working on other books that will release in the meantime, but this is something a little different. 

Check out a little of what I'm working on: 



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