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Fairy Furbabies

Fantasy coloring book featuring 32 unique images of adorable fairy kitties playing, showing off, and otherwise there to delight adult and child alike. Included in the book are 12 fairy cats, 1 for each month, and a variety of other designs sprinkled throughout. You can even try out a couple of Halloween designs, or give your Valentine a colored ragdoll fairy cat with hearts. There is even a steampunk kitty cat. This book will take you through most of the year with something fresh to color.  

There are 2 versions of this book and the Dragon book available on Amazon and Etsy. the reason for this is because several of my drawings have tiny spiders in them. There is a very real phobia attached to those critters, so in order to make the book friendly for everyone, I made a second version. In the ones without arachnids, you can find baubles, hearts and keys that replace the spiders.


  • Take on a challenge with some designs and then a break with a couple of the more simple cats within. Enjoy adding your own details to those cats, or follow the guidelines in others with stripes and spots.
  • Book is single-sided on 60lb white paper.
  • You can color with crayons, pencils, gel pens and markers in this book. Blotter pages are included to place beneath your work.
  • Alcohol markers and water media will likely bleed or buckle, as with most coloring books.
  • While children can enjoy many of the designs in this book, the artwork difficulty and design elements are mostly suited for teens and adults.

    Front cover art colored by Kate Britt!

Purchase Fairy Furbabies on
Purchase Fairy Furbabies on


Back Cover Art Colorists - They're all amazing

  • Colleen Diamond - October Furbaby
  • T-Robyn Lyle - Calilily
  • Desereé Cundiff - June Furbaby
  • Cindy Nation - Mother’s Magic
  • Kate Britt - Desert Cat
  • Diane Blair - March Furbaby
  • Osnat Moskovich - July Furbaby
  • Judy Kaplan Zeidler - Indulgence
  • Lauren O’Reilly Anderson - April Furbabies
  • Deirdre Gamill-Hock - February Furbaby
  • Rosemary Hendry - May Furbaby
  • Diane Blair - Half of the Whole
  • Dee Fink - Singing to the Moon
  • Beth Cook - Cosmic Space Cat
  • Laurence Roucou Chateau - Patches

You can see this wonderful flip-through of this book by Molly! Check out her other videos as well. 

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