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Mandala Muses

This Fantasy coloring book features 25 unique images and provides 2 copies of each image so that you can enjoy coloring with a close friend, your little one, or trying out a new color scheme if you like. 

Designs feature dragons, cats, fairies, adorable mice and floral motifs throughout. Most designs are mandala shaped (circles) with a couple of designs that feaure a more rectangular design. The artwork is detailed, containing a lot of little doodads to color in your chosen hues. This is not for the lovers of wide open spaces and simpler mandalas. Book size is 8.5x11, so designs are confined to the page without running into the binding of the book.


  • Dig out your gel pens! Enjoy using those fine tipped markers. Thrive on the layout of color pencils in chosen spaces. This book is meant to be fun!
  • Book is single-sided on 60lb white paper.
  • Alcohol markers and water media will likely bleed or buckle, as with most coloring books. Be sure to also use blotter pages behind these mediums.
  • Children can color with you, but may find the detail challenging. Many may not care as long as they're coloring with someone they love

    Note:  Preview Images below work best if you right click and open in new tab so they show at a larger size. 


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Purchase Mandala Muses on


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