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Weirdlings & Wildlings Volume 1

Take a journey into a unique fantasy world filled with a variety of fairies, elves, and other curious creatures all illustrated by watercolorist, Shelah Dow. These odd beings are all splendidly detailed with one thing in common; they’re all whimsical and fun. You’ll find fairies that dance among flowers with dragonflies; fae queens who are aloof and strong female figures; elves with attitude; and fairy companions in the form of mice, cats, and other unusual beings. 

The designs in this book would appeal those who love dark, goth, Victorian, and steampunk fantasy creatures. You can find it all with this weird, wild fairies and friends.

  • There are 32 hand-drawn images in a varying degree of difficulty. Take on a challenge with some designs and then a break with the few more simple fairies within.
  • All images are individual with no repetition.
  • Book is single-sided on 60lb medium white paper.
  • You can color with crayons, pencils, gel pens and markers in this book. Blotter pages are included to place beneath your work. Alcohol markers and watercolor pencils may bleed, as with most coloring books.
  • While children can enjoy many of the designs in this book, the artwork difficulty and design elements are mostly suited for teens and adults.

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Evangeline's Love
Adobe Acrobat document [616.0 KB]
  • Cover Art Colored by:

  • Diane Blair (front cover and 1 back image)
  • Becky Wright
  • Tamara M. Slaten
  • Kate Britt
  • Laurence Roucou Chateau
  • Beth Cook
  • Teresa A. Whiteman

The cover has been updated since this video flip-through. 

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