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Online Exclusive Designs 

The designs here are only available here on this website.  You can click to purchase here below the image or you can go to the full preview page and purchase from there. Purchases are processed via Gumroad. 



Lady Wisdom 

Mystical Fawn with flowers and jewels in her hair. She has two little dragon companions. Full size printable coloring page. High quality digital download. Check out her preview or purchase now. 



Externalize 1 


Enchanting? Maybe. Unique and enthralling? Possibly. This series is about emotions, about pain, about anything you can imagine that may trouble or delight you. This piece will tell you what it represents for you. 

Stitches & Grumps

Stitches is her name. She's a snuggler, an odd Faun doll with lovely horns, beautiful flowing hair, and a very bratty pet. Grumps is a feline fairy creature and is curled up on her arms. He'd rather be sleeping, but something has caught his attention. 

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